Weddings are events a person cherishes for the rest of their lives. And weddings form an essential part of a couple’s journey of love. Weddings can be describes as the climax of a love story and this is why they need to be well documented. For this reason photography is an important part of a wedding. These days not only the actual wedding function but also things like pre-wedding photo shoots, bride getting ready photo shoot etc have become very popular and for good reason.

A vital part of shooting the bridal get-ready session is photographing the lehenga. Now come on, isn’t it important to give some extra footage to the piece of clothing you and your designer have spent months putting together? So today, we give you some useful tips and tell you some unique ways to getting your wedding lehenga photographed.

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  1. An easy way of clicking pictures of your lehenga is by laying it on the bed and placing the blouse, the jewellery and other accessories near it. This is not only a hassle-free way of getting your wedding wear photographed but it also gives a realistic feel to the photograph. Isn’t this what we all do while getting ready for an important occasion?
  2. If you want to shoot your lehenga indoors you need to plan the background accordingly. In most cases you have to hang the lehenga in front of a wall, the colour of which makes all the difference. Of course we are not asking you to repaint the walls of your wedding venue but you need to choose one with a colour that compliments the texture and the hue of your lehenga. Sometimes keeping your lehenga amidst regular items like furniture may also result in a beautiful photograph. For example, a dark red lehenga looks great against a backdrop of vintage rosewood colour furniture.
  3. Hangers play a big role in deciding how your wedding lehenga photograph turns out. Many brides prefer to get a customized hanger with their names engraved or designed in it. One can also get wire hangers bent to spell the name of the bride. You may pick a personalized hanger for yourself and later use it to hang your prized wedding wear for the rest of your life.
  4. If you don’t want a hanger use a trolly to hang your lehenga.
  5. If you have a wedding planner, get a set designed for your lehenga’s photoshoot – it might just be a beautiful corner or something like that themed according to the colour and stylization of your lehenga.
  6. A very creative and aesthetic way of getting your lehenga photographed is by placing it amidst nature and vibrant greenery. This is because nature never fails to play an amazing background for any photograph and sunrays are the perfect lighting. Some brides even hang the lehenga from a tree.
  7. If you have opted for a destination wedding by nature, you need to get its elements photographed. For example, if you are getting married in a seaside venue, random pictures of the sea will not be any different from usual vacation photographs. Including the lehenga in the frame will add that much-needed wedding element to the photograph. Plus it will be a great way to frame the most important component of your wedding attire.
  8. Holding your wedding lehenga proudly – isn’t that a great way to get it clicked? You can also follow a theme to get this kind of a photograph. For example, you can hold it on you in front of the mirror to make the photograph as relatable as it can get. You may also wear western clothing to pose with your lehenga signifying your transformation or makeover. Such a photo will give the same vibe as that of a ‘before and after’ picture. But make sure the theme justifies your personality and is not something superficially imposed.
  9. If you and your groom are together in the same venue, you can get your lehenga and his sherwani or kurta photographed together.
  10. If your lehenga is one with intricate threadwork or meticulous zaree designs, just flaunt it! Ask your photographer to highlight the work and take a close-up shot of it with a blurry background and, voila, you have just made sure that your lehenga gets praised for ages.
  11. If you have taken the pain of planning a theme wedding, get it documented, along with your lehenga. After your theme venue gets decked up, just get a photo clicked with your lehenga and this background. You would not need to worry about colours and backdrop here as you have already themed everything with each other.
  12. A walkway, a corridor or a canopy proves a great surrounding to get a wedding lehenga photographed. Just blur the background to cancel out details that may distract.
  13. Get your photographer to click your lehenga from various angles and perspectives and get a collage made from it.
  14. Another great ‘before and after’ idea is to get your bridal lehenga clicked with a casual outfit which is personal favourite. This photo will signify how you are adding an element of richness and grandeur to your life through the wedding. It will also signify your personal transformation internally and externally.
  15. If you are getting married in a historically or architecturally significant venue like a vintage building or an erstwhile palace, use the architecture as the backdrop for your lehenga photo shoot. Old buildings have a different charm altogether and this is a great idea for infusing design concepts – one on clothing and the other on structures.
  16. A water body also serves as a great background for a wedding lehenga picture. The blue sky and the bluish-green of the water compliment almost all colours on the palette. You just can’t go wrong with this kind of a photograph.
  17. Some brides love to tell stories through wedding photography. Your bridal lehenga can serve as an important chapter of that story. To make it so get it clicked along with you getting ready in the background to give that feel of a sequence. Such a photograph immediately speaks to the person seeing it by telling him or her that the bride is doing her make-up and will soon slip into this gorgeous lehenga. Many brides like to take this one step further by sitting in a meditative pose in front of their lehengas signifying that they are trying to calm themselves down before stepping into the gorgeous wetting attire.
  18. If you insist that nothing but your beautiful lehenga should feature in the photo, think of a creative way to do so. First of all, eliminate all contrasting colour elements from the frame and locate a clean subdued background like a white wall. If you can’t find such backgrounds, we have a special tip for you – photograph your lehenga under a light fixture and keep the rest of photo dark. This will have a very aesthetic appeal in spite of having only one single element.
  19. To make your lehenga photo speak for itself, introduce a fun element in it. You can feature yourself in the photograph standing and gazing admiringly at your lehenga. You may also include your personal designer in the photograph handing over the lehenga to you.
  20. Feature your family in your wedding lehenga photo for that emotional appeal. How would you do that? Make your fiancé hold the dupatta of the lehenga around your head with the lehenga itself in the background, to pose for the photo. Ask your mother to feature in it. She may pose admiringly at you holding the lehenga against you. You may also include your best friend or your sister or better still, your whole group of besties, with the lehenga because hey, they helped you a lot with choosing such a masterpiece!
  21. Thinking of an artistic way to photograph all elements of your wedding wear together. Ask your photographer to divide the frame into three columns – one will have the lehenga skirt, the other one the blouse and the third one the dupatta. To add more dimension to this photo, hang the three elements from hangers against three similar looking frames or three similar looking windows or doors. Good photography is all about symmetry and here we are aiming to achieve just that.
  22. A simple yet appealing way of getting the lehenga photographed is by hanging it in the closet itself. Most closets come in wooden finishes and bridal colours look great with such elements.
  23. For a more dramatic photograph, hire an actor who can pose as the driver of a cycle-rickshaw. Hang your lehenga from the rickshaw and a fun picture is ready and so beautifully “desi”.
  24. If you have the budget to hire an expensive car, hang your lehenga inside it like men hang business suits inside their cars. It will create that “boss lady” kind of vibe. If you are career-obsessed by nature this will be the perfect lehenga picture for your wedding.
  25. Another concept you can’t possibly go wrong with is photographing your wedding lehenga in the dark with lots of fairy lights to give that magical illuminating effect. You may either choose to use the fairy lights in the background or even all around the lehenga.

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